Township Administration Building
318 Canborough Street, Smithville, Ontario



The Chair will call to Order the evening's proceedings.

A consent application has been applied for to permit a minor boundary adjustment where approximately 4,876 square metres (1.2 acres) from the abutting farm parcel located at 7880 Young Street (Part 1) will be added to the 3.07 hectares (7.59 acres) subject property, being 7793 Young Street (Part 3) making the new lot to be a total of 3.56 hectares (8.79 acres) to accommodate the parking lot to the west of the property as well as a 2,670.00 square metre building addition which will connect three of the existing warehouse buildings

A minor variance application has been applied for to permit a deficient lot area on two separate parcels of land located at 7226 and 7262 Concession 3 Road. This variance is required to fulfil a condition of consent (boundary adjustment application B06/2023WL) which was approved by the Committed of Adjustment on Wednesday, September 27th, 2023. The boundary adjustment added 0.21 hectares (0.53 acres) of land from 7226 Concession 3 Road to 7262 Concession 3 Road. 

The Minor Variance will permit 7262 Concession 3 Road to have a lot size of 1.53 acres (0.62 hectares), whereas Table 12 in Part 5 of the Township’s Zoning Bylaw 2017-70, as amended, identifies 40 hectares as the minimum lot area requirement in an Agricultural ‘A’ zone. The abutting farmland, being 7226 Concession 3 Road will also be deficient of the zoning requirement for 40 hectares, with a lot size of approximately 47.8 acres (19.3 hectares).  

A Minor Variance application has been applied for to permit a new 668 square metre commercial accessory building to be constructed on the subject property. The application is requesting 13.32% lot coverage whereas the maximum lot coverage for a commercial accessory building is 8%. This application is also requesting a second variance to allow a maximum building height of 7.12 metres whereas 6 metres is the required maximum.

That, this Committee does now adjourn at the hour of _______ pm